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RoverCNC Low Profile Z-Axis Assembly - 8.10" Stroke

Regular price $249.00 USD

This is a low profile Z-Axis Assembly made from solid aluminum blocks! Using high quality linear block rails, and fast travel precision ball-screw (1616) making it perfect for your next CNC project such as mounting a plasma torch or spindle. The rail is a full-size 15mm linear rail and block to withstand load and vibration.  

8.10" Inches of Stroke (Travel)

  • Precision 1616 Ballscrew drive
  • 15mm Linear Rail and block 
  • Travel (Stroke) = 8.10"
  • Standing Height (without Mount) = 80mm (3.15")
  • Length = 396mm (15.59")
  • Coupling included to accept NEMA23 motor with 8.00mm shaft
  • 6 mounting holes are 50mm x 30mm apart

The z-axis assembly includes a coupling and is ready to accept a NEMA23 motor. The assembly does not include the motor!